Art Department

The Art Department

All Staff in the Art Department work together to encourage and support all students.  Art & Design perfectly complements the other subjects your child experiences on a daily basis, allowing time to reflect and use their creativity.



Hanson Art Department consists of 3 staff (including 1 Art technician) delivering across the full age range 11-19.

  • Teacher of Art (Part Time) – Ms L Annab
  • Teacher of Art – Miss H Emmott
  • Teacher of Art – Miss D D’Abreu
  • Art Technician – Mrs A Bucki



The department is well resourced with a wealth of opportunities to explore all aspects of Art & Design including Ceramics, Printmaking, Oil painting, Photography and Computer Aided Design. There are 4 dedicated Art classrooms all with interactive whiteboards. There is a wide range of practical resources for use in the classroom environment. The Department staff have a wide range of skills and experience including Fine Art, The History of Art & Architecture, Ceramics, Graphic Design and Textile and Fashion Design.  The department is currently developing a photography studio with an emphasis on new media.



Year 7 – At the start of their art experience at Hanson students are given a firm foundation in the visual elements, colour mixing, painting and critical thinking skills.

Year 8 – Building on the skills learnt in Year 7, students are now introduced to portraiture, printmaking and 3D work.

Year 9 – Students undertake a creative carousel programme where they experience a 10 week session in Art, Music, Dance and Drama.  The work carried out in year 9 is designed to given them a ‘flavour’ of the creative GCSE options on offer.

GCSE – In Year 10 students work on a portfolio based on the theme ‘Natural Forms’.  The portfolio is designed to give them confidence and experience in a wide range of media including painting, printmaking and 3D work.  There is a strong emphasis on developing their confidence and abilities in drawing for different purposes. In Year 11 Students undertake a more personally directed piece of coursework before embarking on their 10 hour controlled assessment in the Spring Term. All students attend an Art Gallery visit in preparation for their exam.


Students undertake a two year course during which time students further develop the skills gained at GCSE.  Students are introduced to a rigorous programme of activities designed to inspire and challenge and develop an extensive portfolio of work.  Students then work on a personal investigation culminating in a final piece or pieces at the end of the course. In the second year students complete a controlled test (15 hours) in exam conditions.


Teachers are available most lunch times and evenings to help students with their work. After school catch-up classes are also timetabled for all Year 11, 12 & 13 students in the spring and summer terms.



The Art Department has established links with our main partner primary schools through the provision of activities for students and INSET opportunities for teachers. The department has excellent links with Higher Education establishments in the area such as Bradford College and Leeds College of Art.  The school also has close collaborative links with The Impressions Gallery, Cartwright Hall and The Barbara Hepworth Museum.


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