History Department

The History Department is part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. We teach engaging lessons which allow students to learn from the past and understand the world around them. History is a popular subject at both GCSE and A’ Level. 


Hanson History Department has 6 members of staff, all dedicated to providing challenging, engaging History lessons:  

  • Director of Humanities and Social Sciences – Mrs Natalia Middleton
  • Curriculum Lead for History – Mrs Jennifer Taylor
  • Director of Data & Assessment KS3 – Mr Edward Bowman
  • Strategic Lead for Higher Ability Students – Mrs Hayley Sutcliffe-Glazer
  • Teacher of History – Miss Charlotte Dowd


There are five dedicated History classrooms, one containing a bank of computers, and we have use of the Student Boardroom for seminar style A’ Level lessons. The History Department makes use of a range of textbooks and ICT learning resources. Three of the History classroom have Interactive Whiteboards which allow students to actively engage in their lessons.


Students are taught History in mixed-ability classes. KS3 students study a range of topic areas, including the Tudors, The British Empire and Slavery and 20th Century history. At KS4 students complete the Edexcel GCSE, studying Crime and Punishment, American West, Life in Elizabethan England and Weimar and Nazi Germany. These are all examined at the end of Year 11. At Post-16, students complete an Edexcel A’ Level studying Britain Transformed 1918-1997, USA Challenge and Conformity 1955-1992, British Experience of Warfare 1790-1918, and a coursework element.  


The History Department plays an active role in the local and wider community. History students play a major role in the Remembrance Day ceremonies at Undercliffe Cemetery, by laying poppies on war graves and placing a wreath on the war memorial. At KS3 there is a focus on local history, with students studying Saltaire, completing research investigations on Yorkshire during the two World Wars and homework projects on local areas of historical interest.  

A’ Level students also take part in the Lessons associated with the Auschwitz Project, with two A’ Level students attending seminars, visiting Auschwitz and holding assemblies on the importance of tolerance. 


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