Key Stage 5 Assessment Overview

From September 2018, assessment data will be collected and reported home five times per year for Year 12 and four times per year for Year 13 based on the cycle below.

When students move into Key Stage 5, targets are set based on their average Key Stage 4 results and end of course targets are produced.  These are based on the grading for each specific qualification they are studying.  At the end of the half term, students will complete an assessment or mock exam in each of their subjects and a report will be produced with the following information:


Current Grade:                          this is the current grade based on the latest assessments completed.

Predicted Grade:                       this is the grade a student is highly likely to achieve at the end of the course based on their current work, rates of progress and any exam/assessment results they have achieved.

Target Grade:                             this is the grade that represents expected progress at the end of the course based on the student’s ability.


The current and predicted grades are coloured to show how the student is performing compared to their target grade based on the bands below:

In addition to the above, students will also be given a grade for effort, behaviour and homework for each of their subjects.  These are based on a 9-1 scale with 9 being the highest and 1 the lowest.