Maths Department

Welcome to the Hanson School  Mathematics Department. Maths is one of the most important and, surprisingly, beautiful subjects you can study. Through Mathematics you will develop the skills to allow you to make sense of the world around you and the life-long learning skills of solving problems. With us you’ll learn little things like what a 100-sided shape is called to big things like how to work out how far the horizon is. You’ll find out how the iPhone and chewing gum are related or why Nike trainers are so expensive. By the time you leave year 11, you’ll have all the skills and knowledge you need to be or do whatever you like, whether you want to be an engineer or start your own business or even become a teacher!

All students follow the OCR sequence of learning.  This new and innovative curriculum encourages students to develop a deeper conceptual understanding over time.  At the end of year 11, GCSE students will sit three examinations. The three 90 minute examinations will consist of 1 non calculator paper and 2 calculator papers, which will assess against the new 9-1 grades. In order to support students achieve their best outcomes, we host a variety of intervention sessions in year 11.


Mr D Griffith – Director of Mathematics and Numeracy

Mr K Chalashika – Deputy Director of Mathematics and Numeracy

Mr R Dare – Curriculum Lead for KS5

Mr R Ahmed – Director of KS4 Pastoral Progress and Teacher of Mathematics

Mr J Hodson – Assistant Head Teacher and Teacher of Mathematics

Mr M Stuart – Assistant Head Teacher and Teacher of Mathematics

Mr D Joseph – Senior Deputy Director of Wider Curriculum and Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs J Hirst – Curriculum Lead of Maths Transition

Miss H Bukhtawar – Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs A Ali – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr N Iqbal – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr M Milner – Teacher of Mathematics

Mr K Hussain – NQT of Mathematics

Mr N Ahmed – NQT of Mathematics

Miss A Jeal – NQT of Mathematics

Mr A Mulla – Teach First Mathematics

Mrs S Allatt-Parkin – HLTA


The Mathematics department has access to spacious classrooms all with projectors and in most cases also interactive whiteboards. All rooms have a variety of textbooks for students to use. However, we encourage our staff to embrace a variety of teaching techniques including group work, worksheets activities and also interactive lessons to keep things interesting.


At KS3 students will cover a wide range of topics in 5 main areas:

  • Number
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Handling Data
  • Algebra
  • Shape

We aim to achieve a fluent transition from primary school and prepare them in Year 7 and Year 8 to begin covering the GCSE specification in Year 9. Students will be set according to their KS2 results initially, but then frequent monitoring and assessment ensure they are challenged at the correct level throughout their time at Hanson. Homework will be set once a week.

At KS4 students will follow a scheme of learning preparing them for the OCR GCSE specification at either Higher or Foundation level. Homework will be set twice a week.

At KS5 we offer both A Level and Further Mathematics through the Edexcel Examination Board. They provide examination material and textbooks that encompass an applied approach that is evident in the new syllabus. Additional to this we have purchased additional material from ZigZag education that will enhance this new approach and provide extra revision material. For A Level Mathematics there are 3 papers of 2 hours, each carrying equal weight. The first 2 papers are on Pure Mathematics, although there is an emphasise on more testing from the year 13 work. The final paper is equally divided between Statistics and Mechanics. For Further Mathematics there 4 papers of 90 minutes each. The first 2 papers are on Pure Mathematics, paper 3 is Decision 1 and paper 4 is Decision 2.


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