MFL Department

The MFL Department is an engaging and inclusive environment, where students are positively encouraged to understand and speak a foreign language whilst at the same time learning about differing cultures and ways of life in other French or Spanish speaking countries. 


Hanson MFL Department consists of 5 full-time members of staff delivering French and Spanish across the full age range 11-18. 

  • Course Leader – Mr C McDermott
  • Mr N Arnfield 
  • Mrs R Rogers 
  • Mrs S Radu
  • Miss Isabelle Curley


The MFL Department has 4 classrooms, 2 of which have an interactive whiteboard.  The department is well resourced with teachers using a variety of interactive activities and ICT, enabling teaching to incorporate a variety of listening, reading, speaking and writing activities.    


At KS3 Students are taught French or Spanish in mixed-ability sets. At KS4 students who choose to continue with their language learning are entered for AQA GCSE examinations (Higher or Foundation tier). At KS5 we offer both A Level French and A Level Spanish.   


The MFL Department offers trips abroad every year for all students who are interested, usually to Normandy in France and Barcelona in Spain.  We also give students the opportunity to develop links with students abroad through the writing of pen-pal letters.


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