PSHCE Curriculum Mapping 2019-2020

  HT1 HT2 HT3 HT4 HT5 HT6

Transition and Intro to PSHCE
Aspirations / Mental Health / managing our emotions
Identity and Diversity/Racism/Extremism
Friendships and bullying
Bullying or banter?/Positive relationships
Financial Capability – budgeting and ethical shopping
Careers Education – TBC
Physical Health and Well being – diet and nutrition, healthy and unhealthy eating, exercise and keeping active
Physical health and well being continued
Drugs – energy drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs
 Issues of diversity and race / Modern British Values
RSE– Puberty, periods, FGM, healthy relationships
Financial capability – savings and loans, financial transactions and products
Citizenship – role of the police/justice and the law
Personal development / setting goals / Mindfulness /emotional literacy
Body image and the media – boys and girls/ eating disorders
Care for the environment / what is sustainability
Financial capability – incomes and expenditure, wage deductions, tax and how it is spent
Careers Education – communication, teamwork, entrepreneurs
Physical Health and well being – personal safety, first aid.
Prejudice and Discrimination – age, disability, religion, LGBTQ+
Prejudice and Discrimination continued + Modern British Values
RSE– consent/ sexting and the dangers of pornography/online grooming/CSE
Radicalisation and extremism
Citizenship – volunteering
Success and developing the mindset and skills for achieving it.


Anxiety / Self harm / Peer pressure
Drugs – illegal drugs / excessive alcohol consumption
Accessing education/foreign aid/human rights abuses/UNICEF
Financial capability – savings, debt and consumer rights
Careers Education – workplace skills, employability, Enterprise, what can we learn from successful business people?
Selfie obsessed
Acid attacks and what to do if you witness one
Protection from discrimination / understanding the LGBTQ community
Diversity, immigration/ religion and Modern British values
RSE– avoiding teenage pregnancy, contraception, STI’s consent, domestic violence
Knife crime / the law / young offenders
Citizenship – political systems and how democratic parliaments work
Why is PSHE so important?
Time management/ social anxiety / social media and self esteem
Crime – anti-social behaviour/ money laundering/ British justice system
Tattoos and piercings/binge drinking/excessive screen time
Citizenship – parliamentary democracy and the power of government and the role of citizens / role of the press / the different electoral systems/ other systems and forms of government
Careers Education – what careers is right for me, STEM careers, what are employers looking for, rights and responsibilities in the workplace.   Careers Education – applying to college/Uni, preparing for an interview, Health and safety at work, trade unions.
Suicide/grief and bereavement
What are hate crimes? / sexism and gender prejudice/ Overt and covert racism/terrorism/community cohesion
Same sex relationships/ gender and trans identities
RSE – revenge porn/healthy and unhealthy relationships/harassment and stalking/parenting/forced marriage
Rights and responsibilities in the work place/Preparing for work experience
Citizenship – UK’s place in the world/ human rights/active citizenship NCS


PSHCE Resources

Freedom app (Freedom project – Forced marriage)

Zipit app – Sexting (Childline)