Extra Curricular Provision


The Hanson School enrichment programme has been thoughtfully designed to promote the positive way in which students spend their time during lunch and after school in Period 7. At Hanson School we believe that it is crucial to give every young person an opportunity to extend their education beyond their main course of study and we are absolutely committed to providing opportunities for broadening students’ educational experience whilst at school with us. Our enrichment programme strives to enhance students’ life at school and increase motivation and achievements, not just in the classroom.

We believe that by providing balanced enrichment time we can respond to the demands of employers and higher education providers by ensuring that our youngsters become people who are flexible, responsive and resourceful.


Our enrichment programme will also provide valuable links with the local community, and promote Hanson school to potential students and their parents, where we can foster a sense of community and cohesion within the school.


We have created a bespoke timetable for individual Key Stages. The timetable is updated on a termly basis and this enables us to evolve the provision, reflecting upon the needs of our young people and to also benefit from the skills afforded and shared by old Hansonian’s and our wider community.


The benefits of engaging in enrichment activities are endless. We strongly believe that by participating and committing themselves to the programme on offer, our students will become more rounded, confident people, who will have the ability to show initiative by being able to capitalise on any opportunity that comes their way.